Amazon Brand Management

Is your brand on Amazon?

180Commerce provides you with a complete end-to-end solution for your Amazon business for both Vendor Central, Seller Central or a hybrid strategy.

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FBA Inventory Management

180Commerce leverages its internal technology to optimize your brand inventory to eliminate potential out of stocks while avoiding long-term storage fees.

FBA Shipment Creation and Reconciliation

180Commerce creates the FBA shipments and reconciles them with Amazon so you don’t have to. We leverage our technology to take into account seasonality and holiday or other factors such as manufacturing lead time to ensure that products are checked in on time at Amazon.

Listing Creation and Optimization

180Commerce optimizes product detail pages for best practices and Amazon strategy while capturing your brand look and feel to match your narrative on your own website and social media. 

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Marketing and Promotions Strategy and Implementation

There are a lot of marketing and promotion options for brands on Amazon but which one is right and when is the right time? We take the guesswork out by creating marketing and promotion strategies that are aligned with the rest of your brand’s initiatives.

Price and Pack Architecture Strategy

We provide analysis and strategy on the best price and pack-size for your the brand based on customer data and sales history to drive increase sales conversion and profitability.

Customer Service

We manage all aspects of customer service for your Amazon business including buyer-seller messaging, responses to product questions and reviews and seller feedback.  

Catalog Optimization and Consolidation

Often a brand’s catalog is fragmented as a result of unauthorized re-sellers or there are duplicate ASINs. Whatever the case, 180Commerce works with your brand to ensure that the catalog is optimized so that unnecessary products are deleted or merged.

Amazon Advertising

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