Amazon Checklist 2020

By March 26, 2020July 22nd, 2020No Comments
An Amazon Checklist to Keep You on Track During these Trying Times

The effects of the COVID19 virus on the economy will be vast and will impact each of us differently over the months ahead.  What has become very clear is that eCommerce, and specifically Amazon, is a core pillar of the retail ecosystem that for many is providing a lifeline of supplies while staying home.

To help you navigate these challenging times we have created a checklist to assist with selling on Amazon in today’s volatile environment. Inventory planning is critical and where we are focusing significant resources, along with ramping up merchant-fulfillment while FBA prioritizes the distribution of critical necessities.  But we also must ensure that Amazon fundamentals such as customer service, advertising, pricing, promotions, and content are managed very closely to avoid any potential future issues. There is no playbook for this situation, but if we stay focused and connected we will get through this together.

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