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Amazon Checklist 2020

By March 26, 2020June 23rd, 2021No Comments

An Amazon Checklist to Keep You on Track

The effects of the COVID19 virus on the economy will be vast and will impact each of us differently over the months ahead.  What has become very clear is that eCommerce, and specifically Amazon, is a core pillar of the retail ecosystem that for many is providing a lifeline of supplies while staying home.

To help you navigate these challenging times we have created a checklist to assist with selling on Amazon in today’s volatile environment. Inventory planning is critical and where we are focusing significant resources, along with ramping up merchant-fulfillment while FBA prioritizes the distribution of critical necessities.  But we also must ensure that Amazon fundamentals such as customer service, advertising, pricing, promotions, and content are managed very closely to avoid any potential future issues. There is no playbook for this situation, but if we stay focused and connected we will get through this together.

Inventory and Operations:

Review current inventory coverage to determine if there will be any gaps in product availability

Join the In-Stock Head Start Program, making stock available to sell while in transit.

If you use SFP, you can set a daily order maximum, temporarily disable your Prime badge, or set your account to vacation status.

Check if shelf life expirations will be an issue when sending in inventory after the FBA freeze is lifted.

Ship Small Parcel Delivery to replenish core items quickly and have products available for sale after Amazon removes the temporary FBA freeze.

Consider Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) in case your FBA inventory sells through before the inventory freeze is lifted.

If using FBM, review your shipping and handling times to ensure you can deliver orders be their expected dates. If you are unable to fulfill an order, have the buyer submit an official cancellation request if possible to protect your account.


Maintain some level of advertising activity to ensure that your account is not negatively impacted. Focus on terms and programs that have performed well over time.

Run promotions or sales on items considered to be slow sellers as online shopping is increased.

Keep a close eye on campaigns as online shopping surges have made conversion rates very unpredictable.

Ensure none of your pricing adjustments can be interpreted as "price gouging" as this violates Amazon's ToS.

If product pages are not retail ready, do not increase spend to capture traffic as the conversion will not be worth the spend.

Run Amazon DSP to engage or reengage customers after Amazon's FBA temporary freeze is lifted.

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