Traditional retail strategies no longer work…

Welcome to the Marketplace era.

Amazon, Jet, Walmart, eBay.

There are many ways to get your product in front of the customer but which is right for your business?

Which strategy will position your brand for long term growth with maximized profit?

Technology is moving so quickly and brands must be in a position to pivot in order to react to the changing landscape.

The only way to do that is having maximum control of your brand on every marketplace.

Control the content. Control the sellers.

But how?

Amazon retail (1P)?

Amazon Marketplace (3P)?

Hybrid of both 1P and 3P?

Brands can’t afford to ignore the Amazon marketplace. PERIOD.

your opportunity

The fastest growing segment of the Amazon marketplace is brand owners.

According to Marketplace Pulse, the Amazon marketplace contributed roughly 50 percent of sales in 2016, but it’s expected to grow to more than 70 percent in the next 5-7 years and that primary growth will be driven by brands.

Brands need to have the right strategy to to ensure they’re maximizing the massive opportunity driven by marketplaces.

But which is the right strategy for your brand?

how we help

For years, brands have ignored the Amazon marketplace allowing resellers, both authorized and unauthorized, to control content and establish price strategies.

This strategy must stop. This strategy will be the demise of your brand.

Let the 30+ years of marketplace management and first-hand Amazon experience of 180Commerce help your brand examine its current marketplace position and develop a strategy that will position your brand for long term sustainability, growth and profitability.

our chief strategist

Watch our VP Client Solutions, Peter Kearns, demonstrate his expertise in the Amazon market.

He’ll be doing the same for your business and brand.

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“Peter performed an account audit and was able to identify key problems & opportunities in my Amazon business. Working with Peter has been a pleasure. His level of expertise and knowledge of Amazon has been a tremendous help in growing my business. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable & helpful, but he is also a true pleasure to work with. I highly recommend his services!”

Rachel Gutierrez

Let’s work together.

The opportunity to reach millions of customers. via marketplaces like Amazon is unlike any business has experienced before. Let us help you seize the opportunity!
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