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Optimizing the Customer Journey

By December 10, 2019January 4th, 2021No Comments

How are you improving your Customer Journey?

What actions have you taken to improve your customer journey? Think of the customer journey as a road-map detailing how a customer becomes aware of your brand, their interactions with your brand–and beyond. 
Here’s a quick definition:
The customer journey is the complete sum of experiences that customers go through when interacting with your company and brand. Instead of looking at just a part of a transaction or experience, the customer journey documents the full experience of being a customer.

Customer Journey Maps

Need to take a closer look at your Customer Journey? Check out this resource to map out your brand’s unique experience. Click Here

Best Practices and How They Relate to Amazon

As you invest more in your customer journey and experience, the lifetime value of your customer increases. Some of the best practices for increasing your customer journey include:

1. Reducing the Steps

Reducing the number of steps required to engage with your product. Have a lengthy check out process? A customer may get frustrated or distracted and leave before completing the transaction. Inventory challenges? Consumers will likely move on to find a product that is available now instead of waiting for a restock. These are things that need to be resolved in order to optimize conversion.

Amazon Application: Amazon has already set up the ideal shopping experience for many consumers. Products are presented to them, they are accompanied by information, reviews and images that reduce the purchase decision window, and all of their shipping/billing information is already conveniently saved. Brands can leverage this convenient shopping experience for new and existing customers by selling through the Amazon Marketplace.

2. Adding Context

Adding context and romance to your brand story any chance you get will significantly improve your customer journey as it will provide a narrative for your customers to buy into. If there is a story, an image, a “warm-fuzzy” that people get from the background of your brand, this only increases the value of your products.

Amazon Application: Many brand owners believe they will lose their brand story by selling on Amazon, but there are so many tools available for brand owners to leverage on the marketplace. From brand stores to A+ content, brands are capable of communicating a lot of brand history to consumers. 

3. Exceed Expectations

Exceed expectations in any way that you can. Depending on your customer base this could be relatively simple. From improving packaging to offering excellent customer service, leaving a favorable lasting impression can go a long way. Not only does it make your customers more likely to purchase from you again, it increases the chances that they will tell others about their positive experience. Past customers can be the best advocates for your brand

Amazon Application: When selling through Amazon as a Third-Party Seller, brands have control over the quality of their packaging and can also control how their customer service is managed. 


Amazon is now a Huge component of every Brand’s Customer Journey

With approximately 100 million Amazon Prime Memberships, price checking habits on the rise, and billions of product searches, customers are utilizing Amazon as a key shopping tool. Ensuring a strong customer journey for your customers on Amazon is adding to the value of your brand and products for those millions of shoppers. Instead of Amazon seizing the full loyalty of customers, they provide the opportunity for brands to share that loyalty by setting up brand stores, adding A+ content and controlling their product listings.

A Third-Party Seller “Must Have”

We believe that the brand journey and experience on Amazon is crucial at this point to not only maintain existing customers and to access the Amazon consumer base, but to strengthen brand loyalty. Even if a brand isn’t selling on the platform, their brand is most likely impacted by Amazon in some way.

If you haven’t evaluated the Customer Journey process for your brand recently, you should re-evaluate with Amazon in mind.

By Cassidy Wells, Sales & Marketing Manager

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