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Home Improvement Brand Case Study

By June 21, 2021June 24th, 2021No Comments

The Situation

A home improvement brand with a solid foundation on Amazon engaged with 180Commerce to help them reach the next level. With clean distribution in the market, 180 focused on rapidly scaling traffic to efficiently reach and convert new customers.

Our Solution

We leveraged our full-service Brand Management Solution, and achieved 144% growth over the last 2 years. We delivered these results by building brand-first marketplace strategies to drive growth at scale.

Brand Protection & Price Stabilization: Monitoring unauthorized resellers, pricing infringements, and account health to maintain brand image and relationships with retail partners.

Inventory Planning & Management: Tailoring an inventory strategy specific to the brand can ensure there are no product stock outs or Long-Term Storage Fees incurring.

Catalog & Content Optimization – Dialing in content and honing in on the optimal catalog assortment is vital to reducing return rates and increasing conversion rates.

Targeted Advertising & Promotions – Amazon Advertising is a crucial tool for brands that need to be optimized to drive traffic and increase sales.

The Results

After implementing our Brand Management Solution, this brand had the following results:

Created an Ad Program that increased sales by 1100% with a Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) of over $10.

Content Update

Optimized all content across the US, CA, and EU marketplaces resulting in 250% traffic growth in a 2-year period.

Global Expansion

Launched the brand on global marketplaces including Canada, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, and Australia.


Completed an Analysis and Price-Pack Review to help grow the product catalog from 31 to 97 active offers.

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