Performance-based Marketplace Management for Brands

You’ve got a brand to grow.

And we want to help you grow it. You don’t have the bandwidth to spend limited resources managing all of the details required to successfully sell on marketplaces. With 180MPM, we sweat the details so that you can focus on the bigger picture.
Content Creation and Optimization by 180Commerce

Content Creation and Optimization

All listings are NOT created equal. Yours should stand out and reflect the true value of your brand. From attributes to keywords to product reviews and enhanced brand content, 180MPM has you covered.

Brand and IP Protection by 180Commerce

Brand and IP Protection

Utilize Amazon’s Brand Registry and related tools to protect your brand’s intellectual property the right way.

Pricing and Reseller Monitoring and Control by 180Commerce

Pricing and Reseller Monitoring and Control

You don’t let your resellers control the content and pricing on your own website, so why should they control your brand on Amazon? 180MPM works with your sales team and leverages leading technology and processes to identify and manage resellers, and ultimately regain pricing control.

Marketing and Promotions by 180Commerce

Marketing and Promotions

Sponsored listings, headline search ads, Amazon Media Group, AMS, Lightning Deals, cross-sells, business pricing, bulk discounts, subscribe and save…So many choices, so little budget! We understand the value of every marketing dollar spent and create and execute programs to meet your revenue and margin goals.

Customer Service and Account Monitoring by 180Commerce

Customer Service and Account Monitoring

We handle 100% of marketplace customer service in house, and treat each and every customer the way we would expect to be treated. We know how and why accounts get suspended so we monitor health closely each and every day. Sleep easy knowing that 180MPM is on the job.

Inventory Planning and FBA Execution by 180Commerce

Inventory Planning and FBA Execution

Keeping enough product on the shelves to satisfy demand sounds easy, but any Amazon seller shipping significant volume has a story to share about unexpected fees, delays, and stockouts negatively impacting profitability. 180MPM combines proven merchandise forecasting techniques with proprietary technology to find the right balance of weeks of coverage for your brand to maximize sales while minimizing stockouts and storage fees.

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We at Laird Superfood could not recommend 180Commerce more strongly. Navigating Amazon can be a very difficult and complex endeavor. However, it is a channel that simply cannot be ignored and must be optimized for any emerging consumer brand.  Since partnering with 180, Amazon sales have grown exponentially from an extremely low base and come to represent a very meaningful portion of our total online sales.  We could not have done this alone.  Our strategic relationship has directly and immediately impacted the overall success of our business and we could not be happier with their services.”

Tom Wetherald

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