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Viral Today, Sales Tomorrow: Impact of Viral Videos on Traffic

By August 16, 2018July 22nd, 2020No Comments

The key to long-term sales success on Amazon is relatively simple.

Brands need traffic going to their product listings. This simple concept is getting more and more complicated.

“Brands must be creative about finding ways of driving traffic to their products on Amazon,” said Peter Kearns, Vice President of Client Solutions for 180Commerce.

“Driving additional traffic is one of the biggest areas of opportunity for brands when it comes to increase sales on Amazon. And there are many ways to drive incremental traffic like sponsored products, targeted email campaigns, social media and one of our favorites is viral video.”

mizzen and main client logo

Viral video is exactly what happened for Mizzen+Main, one of 180Commerce’s brand partners, when they launched an amazing ad campaign “Move Like Phil” featuring professional golfer, Phil Mickelson.

The ad was incredibly well received and has been viewed more than 500K times on YouTube in just 5 days.

Even more importantly the video has garnered incredible free earned media and the video has been featured on CNN, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, St. Louis Post Dispatch, and other websites.

This reach and sharing on multiple platforms is what defines this as a viral success.

[bctt tweet=”Reach and sharing on multiple platforms is what defines a viral success.” via=”no”]

It also means that it has the greatest opportunity to reach new customers and audiences who may be unfamiliar to the brand but love the style or spokesperson.

As a result of the ad campaign, Mizzen+Main’s Amazon traffic was up 487% day over day and the traffic continued to see increases.

sold out mizzen+main product phil mickelson
Products sold out after partnership

This halo effect is powerful and the more viral the video the bigger and longer the halo gets.

YouTube Views
Amazon Traffic Increase


Not every ad campaign is going to be a viral success.

But when they are, brands need to be prepared for the impact they’ll have on the Amazon marketplace.

Even if the focus of the ad is on a brand’s website or another retailer, the viewers who are Prime Members are going to seek the product out on Amazon.

Therefore, being ready to seize the opportunity with additional on Amazon media, extra inventory and updated content is critical to maximizing sales success.

We think the video is phenomenal and would encourage you to watch it here:

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