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The Opportunity

“More than 50% of shoppers turn first to Amazon in product search”
“Amazon could be a lot bigger than we think”
“Walmart buys Jet.com for $3B in cash to fight Amazon”

With over $300 Billion in 2015 global sales transacted on marketplaces and a 19% annual growth rate, the marketplace opportunity is vast and growing significantly faster than both e-commerce and traditional retail.

Your brand is already selling on multiple marketplaces, are you maximizing revenue and branding on these channels?

Why 180Commerce?

180Commerce was created for the Marketplace-driven retail revolution.

Navigating the chaotic world of marketplace retail can drive the best digital retailers nuts. First-party sales, third-party sales, authorized and unauthorized resellers, pricing violations, FBA vs. SFP, product quality issues, and customer performance metrics are just a few of the daily obstacles marketplace sellers face. We have faced these challenges first-hand and consistently delivered revenue growth in excess of the industry average.


Prior to forming 180Commerce, our leadership team held key roles in the industry:


Of the largest global marketplace footwear and accessories retailer with 400K SKUs listed on 40 marketplaces.

The Director

Of Marketplaces for the leading global marketplaces seller of watches.


of Merchandising for Backcountry.com who pioneered online brand partnerships including the one-deal-at-a-time sales model

We have listed and optimized hundreds of thousands of SKUs across 40+ global sales channels. We have built technology solutions to drive additional revenue while automating manual processes. We have successfully restored suspended seller accounts and created strategic plans to maximize profitability through detailed analytics. And now we want to put these skills to work for your brand.


180Commerce is a full-service marketplaces sales solutions partner. Our focus is clear – to help your brand maximize the sales and margin potential of the fastest-growing segment of e-commerce. To do this we work with partners in all aspects of marketplace management.

Overall marketplace strategy

Catalog creation, management, and optimization

Storefront creation, audit, and optimization

First party vs. Third party sales analysis

Account metrics review and action plans

Technology integration

Customer operations management (email, feedback, reviews, AtoZ claims)

Competitive research, pricing/repricing, and profitability analysis

FBA/SFP/MFN review and go-forward planning

Global expansion: Canada, EU, Asia, and Australia/New Zealand

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The 180Commerce team has driven hundreds of millions in revenue through online marketplaces and now is focused on doing so for a select group of brand partners.

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